All ABTEX Brake pads comply with European R90 Regulations. However ABTEX PLUS+ Brake Pads have the added benefit of A.N.A.S (anti-noise accessories as standard.) This means that while meeting all the performance parameters necessary to achieve the European ‘E-Mark’, ABTEX PLUS+ Brake Pads are equipped to combat the possible unwelcome noises which can emanate from some vehicle’ braking systems.

When any braking system is operated, vibrations occur. However, should theses vibrations match the resonant frequency of another component of the system a magnification of the level of vibration results. If the sound level of this process exceeds about 60 decibels the resultant noise can be heard, at the low end of the scales as ”groan” and the high end as “squeal”.

Although the origin of all brake noise is at the interface of the pad and the disc during braking, the point at which this noise is ‘released’ is invariably between the backing plate of the pad and the calliper. Hence it is in this area that most anti-noise research has been concentrated, though centrally slotted and/or chamfered friction material also assists in noise dissipation.

Both Original Equipment and Aftermarket brake manufacturers have concluded that the most effective method of reducing the problem of brake noise is the use of a rubber coated metal shim affixed to the backing plate of the brake pad. Independent tests have shown such a combination to be significantly more successful than the, much cheaper but often-used, method of painting the pad backing plate with rubberised or “gel-like” materials. The effectiveness of these materials is reduced or often eliminated during the first session of heavy-braking.

As such, all ABTEX PLUS+ Premium Quality Brake Pads come complete with a reference-specific anti-noise shim and if the original equipment manufacturer chose to chamfer or centrally-slot the material so do we.


ABTEX PLUS+ helping achieve “The Sound of Silence”